Arashian Commemorate 5×18 On Ice

ARASHIAN are terms implies to someone who is a fan of Japanese idol group, Arashi (). To any Arashian, September 15 and 16 are two significant dates that need to be celebrated – Arashi’s debut date! The present of two debut days are because Arashi was debuted in Honolulu, Hawaii on September 15, 1999 – where Japan date was a day advance, September 16.

Arashian Rendezvous Malaysia 2017 or ARM2017 was organised in intent to gather and celebrate Arashi’s 18th Anniversary. ARM2017 was held on September 16 at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya where the Arashian convened at Icescape Ice Rink for main activity – ice skating.

In total of 15 Arashian came and participate the event; while most Arashian are from Klang valley, attendance from Kelantan, Kedah and Johor are much appreciated. The event kicked off with impromptu purikura (プリクラ) photo shoot at arcade, next to the ice rink. It was a sight to see when entire crowd were cramped into the small photo booth!

Then, Arashian spend for few hours on ice, crashing, colliding and falling onto the cold, wet ice rink. Even though ice skating was a first time experience for most attendees, but everyone seems to enjoy themselves. The event concluded around 5.00 pm with group lunch, cake slices and group photos.

ARM is expected to be held again in future, with different activity in place – in mission to unite Arashian in Malaysia under one roof.

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