New Year 2017 Goal

Happy New Year! This year, 2017 I have set a theme – ‘Unite’. Its gonna be abut meeting people – new or acquaintances. Meeting people that I new at one point of my life. Connect to different people, join and experience different things. Acquire knowledge I never knew and collect […]

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Negai [WISH]

arashi negai song fanfic

“Why don’t you tell me ’bout this?”, she scream in exasperation. “I’m sorry”, he whispered softly while he extend his hand to hold Yuno’s hand, offering comfort.  She jerked away in silent, and sat on the airport bench and stare to open with face hardening. Toshi might have guessed that she […]

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Occupation Pickup Lines

pick up lines according to occupational

[Doctor] How my diagnose,Doctor? I think I need to hold you here for a while. Am I sick? No, but I am – so sick in love with you. [POLICE] Stop. You are under arrest! What I did wrong sir? For stealing my heart. [LAWYER] Didn’t I tell you to […]

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