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lata rambung selama perak

With school holidays comes in closer, I have a thought to go back to my hometown, visiting relatives there aside to enjoy those cold, clear waterfall stream that is quite close there. My must-visit place whenever I came for a visit – Lata Rambong, Selama Perak.

“Just to travel is rather boring, but to travel with a purpose is educational and exciting – Sargent Shriver

A brief history background on my hometown. Selama is a district that located northern up most of Perak, where some villages are near-boarder to Kedah state. Kampung Selama or previously known as Kampung Selamat was opened by Abdul Karim bin Raja Aman Shah, after requested permission from Ngah Ibrahim on January 22, 1870. On a side note, Lata Rambong is located near Kampung Selama, at Gunung Bintang, Perak.



Well, the location is not pin-pointed by Google Maps apparently. But, it is located near end road of SK Sungai Siputeh (5.2636802,100.8173764) and ask your way there from the locals there. Fret not – they all helpful and kind people. I can vouched that!



You have been travel quite a distance – so enjoy yourself with the cold clear stream water of the waterfall. Remind you that this is a waterfall stream – you are unableย see the waterfall itself unless you went up for hiking instead.

You could picnic on the side – having a barbecue or packed meals – while you are there. The are a few stalls opened on the way there, you could grab some if you wanted too. Anything goes, as long as you keep everything tidy back. Well, nature need to be preserve and cleanliness need to be put forth right?



Unfortunately, since this place are yet to be explored by public – there are no public amenities here. Meaning to say, you won’t find any public toilet here. Most visitor here are locals or staying in homestay nearby, unless you know me and people around here, I strongly urged you to plan your stay in either the homestay here or at Kem Assalam, campsite located next to the stream!

So, with school holiday getting near, plan a holiday for you and your family here and experience yourself a nature yet to be touched by technology and development. If you are coming here, packed some mosquito repellent too, if you not custom staying in a village. Remember your sweater too, cause the temperature may dropped a little at night.


So, go here and discover places you never been.
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    1. Hi Zayani,

      Best avoid any water recreational activities during monsoon and rainy season.
      But if you do have time to visit Perak, drop by here!

  1. This place reminds me of my Mom’s hometown too! When we were kids we used to play and swim in the river. Years have passed and I visited the place again, so sad coz the water was gone! All the memories only left in me.

  2. This place looks really serene and the water looks so cooling!
    I like places like this which is not filled with too many visitors.

  3. Wow this place looks beautiful. I do enjoy taking my kids to waterfalls or riverside – thanks for pointing this out!

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