Discover Selangor – Laman Seni 7 Shah Alam

For someone who loves taking selfies and photos, a great background is a must. After a nature background, a 3 Dimensional (3D) art background definitely adding a fun, lively and cheerful elements to the picture. Here at Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam, Selangor is a place to discover and visit!

“It took me a long time not to judge myself through someone else’s eyes – Sally Field

Located at Seksyen 7, Shah Alam, Selangor is only approximately 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur city centre. You may navigate here using Waze or GPS location ‘Laman Seni 7 ‘ (3.0680906,101.4192889) applications.

Enjoy four aspects of the backstreet arts – initiated by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) to change the back alley setting from creepy, dark and dirty  sense of feeling to a clean, safe and attractive tourism spot. The overall themes of the street arts are to represent the ‘Shah Alam community‘.

Bring along a tripod if you must or friends that will be your photographer  to capture every details and have fun!

But is is regretful that the street art are not that well-maintained – few arts with faded colours and broken props too. Yet, we enjoyed ourselves nevertheless.


So, head over to Laman Seni 7, Shah Alam – takes a lot of pictures like me! Definitely!

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    1. Hi Hui Ying Fong,

      Thank you for your kind complement. Did you went there when the props all still okay?
      Cause when i went there, a few already broken.

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