First Experience Using Airbnb For Online Homestay Booking

AIRBNB is a worldwide trusted community that offer people to list, discover and booking accommodations around the world online. With overwhelming feedback regarding staying with Airbnb hosts, good and bad – this was totally a new experience for me. 

Searching for a place to accommodate 15 people was quite tedious work in the past – browsing homestay over the internet and personally contact each places for availability and surcharges. But with Airbnb applications, everything was clear at each listing.

I start hunting for a suitable listing by keyed-in when and how many the guests are. Since Airbnb operates worldwide, it is mandatory to input location as well. Since “where” wasn’t predetermined yet then, I made a wide search – Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas, since it was over the weekend only.

The first golden rule that I always implement when deciding for a place to stay – Always go through past guest’s review regarding the listing. Precautions better than cure. So, I researched past guests reviews; was the stay comfortable, are the accommodation as expected – take note of everything.

Then, find listing within budget and relevant to provided amenities. Despite the available lodgings are within the price range, some lodging might be expensive to others that are providing the same facilities. Be keen and perceptive in selecting the listing.

Search listing that suitable with intended hosted event. In my case, we are planing to host a barbecue party at the house. Thus, I narrowed my search with additional filter – suitable for events. This to ensure that we won’t be bother the surrounding neighbourhood.

After I down-listed three possible places to stay, I contacted the hosts for further inquiry. Airbnb allows to direct message the host with ease. I contacted the hosts to reconfirm availability and to inquiry if house-viewing was possible, which was okayed by the host.

Go through the accommodation details and house rules. Do and don’t are listed here for reference and my deciding factor was after reading that one of the lodges is located near to a train station. After finalised the booking and payment, all I left to do – counting days to my first travel on Airbnb.

Finally, we decided to stay at Insyirah Homestay at Putra Height, Selangor.  The homestay was so comfortable for 15 of us, the living room was big enough for us to do fun activities and gathering. We did some karaoke, Arashi concerts and variety shows screening, dinner party and barbecue party at the car porch. It was absolutely great memorable first Airbnb stay.

There you have it. My first experience in booking and staying in Airbnb listing. We have fun and the place so comfortable. We do enjoyed our stays, me and my friends. So, take your first trip with Airbnb here. You shall find your share of experience, and I hope shall be the best one!

“AirBnb – Book unique homes and experience a city like a local.”

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