How To Get Your Money Back From Your Friend In Three Utmost Polite Way

Asking back your money from friend might be awkward proposition though it rightful yours. If you handled this wrong, it might cost your relationship ties. So, here are tips on how to get back your money in the ultimately three polite ways.

Send them a text, or give them a call to meet up. Face-to-face conversation is the best, to observe body language and facial expression when you remind them about the money owned to you. This is for them to acknowledge the money was a loan, in case they misunderstood as a gift.

Yes, it does sound like moneylender adverts but it works. You can offer them monthly payment to settle the loan and set a dateline for them to commit – and willing for an extension if can. If the amount are significant to you, write up an formal agreement for them to sign.

In some cases, some friends are quite handful when it comes to paying up loans but will always be there for you. It might sound unlikely but it does. Picking up or dropping off to airport, looking over pets during outstation or etc. In lieu of payment, deduct payment for services they provided from money they owned to you. Win-win situation for both sides.

And if these three tips above still does work, SHARE this entry on your social medias and TAG that friend. This shall remind them that every penny and dime borrowed are subjected to pay unless stated otherwise.

There you have it, three ways to get your money back from your friend. Shout out back for hey and nay.

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