Five Things You Can Almost Find Inside A Woman Bag

Bag is women best friend; bring it everywhere and holds all your secret within. So honestly, did it ever cross your mind, what is inside a woman handbag? What can you find inside her stylish, matching and purposeful bag? Well, if you ever wonder, here are five items that you could almost find inside her bag.

A convenient travel size that allows women to carry them inside their bag compartment easily. Well, women need to prepare in case they feel like a sneeze is coming. And in some rare case, tissue does help to wrap some leftover food when getting a container is out of option. Multipurpose is it?

May nothing worse accident happen. But in case of paper cut or scrapes, women have came well-prepared. Plus, band-aids come in handy whenever they come across with blister due to wearing a new pair of shoes. Practical is it?

Makeup is a women armour. For a quick touch up after a snack bite or after prayer, women can always survive with a lipstick, an eyeliner and a compact powder. But for some, they might bring a pouch full of beauty products instead. Well, women need to be prepared with any sudden ‘selfie’, ‘wefie’ or group’s photo request, right?

Women need it for various reason, to check if any evident left after dinner, or when something in your eyes, or to check if there any make up smudge left unattended. It may as a handheld or attached inside compact powder, but having a mirror is a must.

Sweet craving might hit anytime. A sudden dizzy might happen anytime. Stuck in traffic jam is a possible scenario. So, women stay alert by stashing some snack, candy, chocolate or mint inside their bag. This help to give some energy boost during emergency.

Therefore, you can see these five items inside a women bag. They could carry these or more depending on situation, location and bag type as well. Bag space size determine how much thing can a women carry.

So, what is inside your bag?

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