Don’t You Get It Track Preview arashi are you happy album

ARASHI will be releasing their 15th album, ARE YOU HAPPY? that comprise Promotional Video (PV) song  – Don’t You Get It

It seems that ARASHI have released a full track lists of their 15th album, Are You Happy? and a preview of their PV song entitled “Don’t You Get It” on Aiba Masaki’s radio show, Aiba Recomen.
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The full track list for the album are:
1. DRIVE                                               (under Matsumoto Jun’s supervision)
2. I seek                                                  (single song)
3. Ups and Downs
4. Seishun Buki                                     (under Aiba Masaki’s supervision)
5. Sunshine                                             (solo : Sakurai Sho)
6. Fukkatsu LOVE                                  (single song)
7. Amore                                                  (solo : Aiba Masaki)
8. Bad boy                                                (solo : Ohno Satoshi)
9. WONDER-LOVE                               (under Nonimiya Kazunari’s supervision)
10. Mata Kyo to Onaji hi ga Kuru       (solo : Ninomiya Kazunari)
11. Daylight                                             (single song)
12. Ai o Sakebe                                      (single song)
13. Baby blue                                         (solo : Matsumoto Jun)
14. Miles away                                       (under Ohno Satoshi’s supervision)
15. To my homies                                  (under Sakurai Sho’s supervision)
16. Don’t You Get It                              (PV song)
17. TWO TO TANGO                             (RE bonus Track)

The album is scheduled for release on October 26, 2016.

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Source : Johnnys-net

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