Muuka Malaysia | Polished Pink Secret Review

Beauty are subjective but every women desire to have a flawless, glowing naked face that they can be proud off. Polished Pink Secret skincare by Muuka comes in two outstanding products – Polished Pink Secret Miracle Lotion Mask and Polished Pink Secret CC Cream, that make desire a reality.

[Polished Pink Secret Miracle Lotion Mask]

Polished Pink Secret Miracle Lotion Mask ooze every Japanese and Korean perfect flawless skin history in its 20 ml bottle. With seven miraculous key ingredients – rose water, tamanu oil, raspberry, aloe vera extract, peony flower, cucumber and green tea, formulated to ensure glow, healthy, fair and radiating complexion.

[Polished Pink Secret CC Cream]

Polished Pink Secret CC Cream revolutionise existing colour control cream with its abundant benefits in its petite 15 g squeeze tube. Formulated with seven astonishing key ingredients – burdock root, lemon, argan oil, sheer butter, peony flower and pomegranate, to create lighter, radiant and flawless skin inside out.


Though each product comprises its own benefits, but they are best together. Applying Polished Pink Secret in set consistently shall give satisfying results as to pinkish, fair, glowing and rejuvenate skin, V-shape face effect, protecting skin from ageing and dark spot and soften fine lines, remove dead skins and boost skin cell growth and more.

[Personal Experience]

Having a sensitive skins pushes me to be very selective in consuming skincare. Since Polished Pink Secret by Muuka are composed from 100% natural and chemical-free ingredient allows me to use worry-free. Light on face without any oily aftertaste is a thumb up! And I can feel the differences in days too!!

And yes, it does give the pinkish effect but since my dark shade skin tone, it is so hard to notice. But I absolutely adore these as I can see my acne-scars are reducing and black spot too. Since these wonderful products comes in relatively small packaging, I could not get enough of it…!

Even though Muuka Polished Pink Secret skincare are provided to me for review purpose, above are my honest and actual opinion on these products. If you wanted to give these amazing products a try, reach out to Muuka official website, Muuka on Facebook, Muuka on Instagram, or contact thru Whatsapp at 017-2018080.

Polished Pink Secret – ‘Cantik Memukau ibarat Raja Segala Bunga…’

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  1. I haven’t heard of this brand Muuka before but it sounds extremely Malaysian. HAHAHA Thanks for reviewing. Will see if I can get my hands on a couple of products.

  2. Wow another skincare brand and now you are making me crave to grab it too! Where else can I bought these?

    1. Hi Mhaan,

      You are most welcome.
      I’m so glad its working for me cause having a very sensitive skin make me hard to find skincare that really suit my skin.
      Do try it if you have the chance, okay. =)

    1. Hi Ieyra,

      Totally agree with you, light and non-oily at all after applying.
      BTW, do you know that Peony flower is the King of all flower. =)

  3. I also have a sensitive skin and I just can’t use any products on the market because it might have a side effect on me. Thanks for sharing this chemical free product. I will check this out.

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