Negai [WISH]

arashi negai song fanfic

“Why don’t you tell me ’bout this?”, she scream in exasperation.
“I’m sorry”, he whispered softly while he extend his hand to hold Yuno’s hand, offering comfort.  She jerked away in silent, and sat on the airport bench and stare to open with face hardening. Toshi might have guessed that she still mad as she closed her eyes and muttering words he couldn’t hear.

“Yuno, I love you so much that-“, there he stopped, suddenly, for she gave her a scorching look that the words caught in his throat and he remained quiet.
“You love me and yet you did this to me?”, she questioned bluntly.
“You said you love me, Toshi. But you did this to me.”, she repeated herself and the disappointment brought tears to her eyes.

She wiped her tears, and closed her eyes. She can hear the couple behind her chatting about the weather and possibility of rain. She can smell fading fragrant that the women wearing – fruity, yet she can’t remember from which brand. She can hear voices at short intervals announcing flight statuses. Suddenly, she felt familiar warmth from her side. Toshi sat silently next to her.

Sitting next to love of his life with time ticking away closer to his departure, Toshi become wordless. He wanted to comfort his love but he the one that causes the grief. Her disappointment was visible. He sighed in blunder he made, thus closed his eyes too. Heard Toshi sighed, Yuno glanced to her side and sensing the same frustration she felt earlier. Staring at person sat next to her, she calmed herself down.
“When”, she asked softly.
“‘Till when you will be there?”,she rephrase her question when she noticed Toshi didn’t catch her first question.
“If nothing goes wrong- ” he stopped again when he saw Yuno glared him at his chosen word.
“2 years”, he answered shortly.

“We could-. No. We will make it out”, Yuno state in short and confidently, looking straight to Toshi’s dark brown,clear eyes. Before Toshi could even rebut to Yuno, Kazu walked fast, came in closer to them.
“Toshi, they been calling us to aboard. Quick”, Kazu sounded annoyed. He been looking over for him ever since the first calling for flight boarding. Toshi looked over to Kazu then turn to Yuno. He wanted to discuss more with her, but he can’t miss his flight. With heavy heart, he stood up.
“I love you, Yuno. I really love you. But I can’t ask you to wait for me..”, Toshi shuttered. As Yuno wanted to reply him, Toshi continued,”Goodbye my love. I will always and forever love you.”

Without turning back, Toshi walked by – leaving Kazu and Yuno behind. He walked straight ahead without looking back. Wanted to catch him, Yuno fast stand up but her hand was hold firm by Kazu. He passed her a small rectangular blue polka dots box with burning red ribbon and white envelope addressed to her, then walked straight ahead, leaving Yuno in completely surprise.

A short buzz she felt on the right side pocket of her dark blue jeans. She opened her phone found a text from Kazu, written “Gift from Toshi. Letter-he tossed it  away but I kept it for you instead. Read it.”

She open the gift box first. Inside was a handmade silver bracelet with word graving, “願い一つ“, one wish, and then she read the letter instantly. She noticed how crumbled  the letter  is with few dashes line and some unreadable words. She scan through the letters, trying to figure out the remaining content. A poem or song lyric, she couldn’t decide but she knew it was for her. This is for her. With bolded “I LOVE YOU, YUNO” at the end letter, she understood, how deeply his love to her.

A phrase of readable poem  / lyric with tittle, Wish.

願い一つ 星じゃなくてあなたへそっと祈る
だって それはあなただけに起こせる 奇跡だから
なんどだって 今僕らのすべてでそっと祈る
そう 君へ届け 遠くの空 願いで繋がっていくように

I have one wish I don’t wish on a star, but pray softly to you
Because that is a miracle that only you can make happen
However many times, we’re giving it our all to quietly pray now
That’s right To get to you Across a faraway sky So that we’ll be connected by this prayer

Unable to hold in her tears, she left it run thru her cheeks. She unlocked her phone and started to type in short message to her love. She then stare back at the crowd, tracing the path Toshi took earlier, another incoming buzz jerked her back to reality. She looked to the phone notification tray, Message pending.

Hours in airplane, Toshi safely arrived at America. While waiting for his luggage to come, he switching on his phone, then a message come in. Torn between to read or not, he cant resist the urge to read it as it came from Yuno. And he felt he can do anything cause his prayer is now answered.

I’ll make your wish come true. I’ll be forever waiting for you. Come back safely. – Yuno


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