Giselle Yeong – The Little Bharatanatyam Angel

giselle yeong bharatanatyam dancer

Thinking back about myself at age of 10 – the typical jumping, running around while trying to make 100 friends. Nothing notable worth mentioning. However, Giselle Yeong, a ten years old Chinese girl – become a professional Indian Classical Dancer of Bharatanatyam dance. Bharatanatyam, a derivation of four most important aspect of dance in Sanskrit language that […]

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20 Beautiful Kolams For Deepavali

With Deepavali coming in closer, you could see colourful kolam displayed here and there. Elaborated kolams or rangolis are designed on this day in the entrance of every house to ask for the blessings of goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth. Here are 20 beautiful kolams for this Festival […]

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