Placing Goodwill In Chilindo Auction Shopping Site

CHILINDO is an online auction shopping site that requires user to win the merchandise by bidding. Originated in Thailand, Chilindo combining e-commerce with “gamification”, using a pure auction model where all products start from just RM 0.10 – with no reserve price.

Even though the site have been operating since early 2017, quite numerous negative feedback regarding Chilindo shopping site. For example, in some cases where slow shipping or some items are missing or damaged when received. Regardless countless negative reviews, i’m trying to put some goodwill in this new shopping site, giving it a chance.

Headed over to chilindo dot com, the main page consists off all ending-soon merchandise for bidding. Registration is required, Chilindo enable “Login with Facebook account” that simplify registration process. After registration, let start bidding!

To bid an item, click the ‘place bid‘ button to be directed to item page. Place bid amount, and wait until countdown ends. If you still the highest bidder, you won the item. If not, continue bidding until its yours.

My case, i won SEVEN merchandised at RIDICULOUS price. I know that I was just trying out this shopping site, but seriously – auction is addicting. You just want to keep on bidding, increasing the price and get the item. Addicting!

Proceeding with payment, there are three payment method available – Cash on Delivery, Bank transfer and Visa/Mastercard payment. I was perplexed when the bank option for bank transfer was only one – OCBC Bank! Maybe the site was new, but I do hope they can support more bank gateway like Maybank or CIMB.

After entering my delivery address, now I’m waiting for the shipment. Chilindo aims to deliver in 3 working days, let see how it will be. It should be arriving on my doorstep latest on next week 2017 August, 14.

Do anticipate my next entry on whether I received my parcel or I was scammed like everybody else. Whether my goodwill shall be shattered or not. Lets hope so not.

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