4 Questions You Should Know The Answers To Before Buying Your First Contact Lens

Have you ever thought of trying to wear a pair of contact lens? Kudos to those whom already tried and for those whom still undecided to try it out, here are compilation answers to four questions that are frequently asked in regards to contact lens. 

What is daily or monthly contact lens? Soft and hard lenses?
As the name suggested, daily contact lens can be used once while monthly contact lenses are designed to be worn throughout the day and taken out at night up to to one month. Both lenses must be discarded according to package instruction to avoid risk of eye infections.

Soft lenses are flexible lenses that consists different proportions of water, common choice of contact lens. On other hand, hard lenses are more speciality lens, durable and used by people with more complex vision problems; irregular cornea, astigmatism and etc.  Read more

Can I sleep in my contact lenses?
It depends, are your contact lens are for “extended wear”? Extended wear contacts are made with great oxygen breath-ability and lubrication for all-day-night wear, make it ideal choice to sleep in. However, not all eyes are suitable for wearing contacts overnight, do confirm with a specialist first.  Read more

Can a contact lens get stuck behind the eye?
It is physically impossible. The continuous nature of the conjunctiva, thin moist lining of inner surface of the eyelids, to the eyeball makes it impossible for anything to get stuck behind the eyes.  Read more

Can contact lens melt at BBQ?
There was a concern about contact lens melt during an BBQ party at one point in the past. Well, that’s not true. Contact lenses are made form plastic polymers that melts at high temperature. Thus, to make the lenses melt, instead of stare the fire hard, push your face to the fire directly.  Read more

Cleanliness is paramount if you plan to wear contact lenses. If you truly believe in yourself that you can follow a good lens care routine, then go ahead. If you don’t, best if you stay away. Do not trade your eyesight for runway-accessory fashion. Don’t.

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