Secret Makes Woman A Women? secret make woman woman
 There is one famous quote by character named Vermouth from one of Gosho Aoyama series – Detective Conan.
Secret make woman Woman – Gosho Aoyama
But how accurate is this – are we, women, beautiful creation are secretive by default? Secret literally means unknown or not be see by others. Then again, what is wrong with the quote above?

People are bound having secret that they keep it to themselves generally – regardless gender. No one are born perfect. We shall make mistakes, but that is how we learn and improve ourselves from. But there will be moments in life that we just wish no one knows about it. That is how secret started.

By keeping other in the dark, the untold story is hope to be forgotten and unknown. Why ? Possibility of shame, pride, pain and maybe to protect. People may give out thousands of reason why they keep something in secret, but don’t judge them blindly.
Take time to understand them.

Friends, it is okay to keep a secret or two.
However, keep in mind that by having a secret – you disallow people to help you or may impact other as well.

For example, you keeping a secret regarding your health issue, then who will support you when you go through that painful stages of life? Who can help to motivate you when you on verge of broken down? Or you keeping a secret that you know someone is doing bad deeds to other. Could you still sleep at night when you know for sure somebody else are in pain for secret you hold?

That is why there are different kind of secret and thousands reason why secret is kept.
The only person who knows what and why is the person who kept the secret themselves – nobody else.

But this is my advice – if you ever find yourself trap in the pain that your secret bring forth, let it out.
Tell it to your best friend, to your family, to your lover, to your boss, to anyone that you can trust or help you with the secret you hold in. It won’t be a secret anymore, but you have attain stronger bond to them. There are people worthy for your trust, believe in yourself.

Therefore, secret are not meant only for women to keep, men does too.
But heck, this is my POV (point of view).

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