Shinobi no Kuni – from Japan to Malaysia

I have been expecting an express mail from Japan for weeks now. It was all thanks to brother of mine that found a seller that was selling Shinobi no Kuni or Mumon – The Land of Stealth flyers. 

Cutting the story short, it was around 2 week since the shipment from Japan warehouse to Malaysia.
When I received it yesterday, it was in perfect condition! No wrinkle, no tear – perfecto!!

There was TEN flyers in total, FIVE in each design.
The first design is the group photo, featured all main cast of the Shinobi no Kuni movie.
Where the second design accentuated on the main character, MUMON, acted by Ohno Satoshi of ARASHI.

Talking about SHINOBI NO KUNI or MUMON, rumour has it that Odex Private Limmited will be releasing the screening of the epic battle movie in Early December 2017. However, no official statement has been released until now.

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