Giselle Yeong – The Little Bharatanatyam Angel

giselle yeong bharatanatyam dancer

Thinking back about myself at age of 10 – the typical jumping, running around while trying to make 100 friends. Nothing notable worth mentioning. However, Giselle Yeong, a ten years old Chinese girl  become a professional Indian Classical Dancer of Bharatanatyam dance.

Bharatanatyam, a derivation of four most important aspect of dance in Sanskrit language that are Bha (Bhava) means emotion, Ra (Raaga) means music or melody, Ta (Taala) means rhythm and Natyam means dance, was originated from South India. Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest classical dance, almost 2000 years old and was originally performed exclusively by female temple dancers for important ceremonies, time of worship in temples and not for public stages until about 1930.


Giselle Yeong, at age of 7 – withdrawn from ballet course to learn Bharatanatyam dance in April 2014 after saw a poster of it.  Falling in love with the stunning makeup, decorative accessories and elaborated costumes motivates Giselle to continue taking the lesson and performs.


Passionate to Bharatanatyam dance, Giselle takes dance lesson three times a week and up to five,six times a week during performance preparation. She learnt the importance of time management as Giselle splendidly divides her time for study, dancing and playing tennis well.


Giselle enjoys performing Bharatanatyam dance, which very illustrated in her dance. Her expressive movements convey emotions through hand gestures, postures and facial expressions. She is able to portrays intricate gestures with lavish feeling into it gracefully yet precise.


Having her full family support pushes Giselle to continue learning and performing Bharatanatyam dance. Having her own teacher as a role model, Giselle inspire to become a Bharatanatyam instructor in the future.

My adorable sister has recently taking Bharatanatyam lesson. I hope she would like this dance as much as mine and hopefully one day we can perform together on stage. – Giselle Yeong

Recently, I have watched Giselle performance during Publika Deepavali 2016 and it was beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! Watch her here and do excuse video shakiness though.

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