The Seven Secrets Walking In Heels

secrets walking in high heels for beginner

Life is a constant battlefield. To some women, pair of high heels are their second armor after make up. Wearing it give you taller and slimmer figure that shall boost confident. However, wearing heels might be challenging for beginner if you do not know the trick behind it!

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” – Marilyn Monroe

Here are seven tricks to walk gracefully in high heels.


Remember girl, you are NOT wearing flats. So when you are wearing heels, you need to change the way  you  walk as well. You need to adapt by landing on your heel first, followed by your toes.  This will make your walk appears more natural.


A good, strong and solid posture is a key to walking in high heels. Your body need to relax, stand straight, head high and feet facing forward. Loose the tension on your arms and at your side cause they will help keep your balance as you walk. Remember, always face forward.


Notice that I mentioned to always face forward and head high as you walk? The simplest way to do so – imagine yourself walking in straight line. Too dull? Then, visualise yourself on a catwalk, as you were on runway. So, keep you head high and  focus to your end, rather than looking down to your heels as you walk.


Still imagine yourself walking in runway? It’s okay – continue to do so. As you catwalk, take smaller steps. You shall be walking in shorter stride while walking in high heels instead normally you do in sneakers or pump. Protect yourself from falling by taking tiny steps at time.


Since you are taking small steps at time, you are actually taking more steps than normal. But do not take this chance to speed up your pace when you barely hold yourself up. You would end up looking quite awkward. Do not try to run before you can walk! Try to relax, lean just slightest bit back; not only you will appeared more natural, you are less likely to hurt yourself.


Not all high heels are created equal. Even a tiny differences in design can make a huge difference to how it feels to wear, your gravity point and balance. So, try it on and find the pair that fit you perfectly. Too big or too small will make you look awkward as you walk. The perfect fit should be the best!


Last and not the least, practice. Practice. Practice! If you just started to wear high heels, a pairs of 6” stilettos is not recommended. Instead, try mid-height or lower until you felt comfortable walking with heels. Go for thicker, sturdier heels until you get your rhythm and confident for thinner and higher heels.

The you have it, the seven secrets walking in high heels. And IF thicker, sturdier and mid-range high heels doesn’t work for you, and IF you really struggling in walking with high heels after practising my secrets, your last option is to wear wedges instead. Even though wedges feel like flats, it does look like heels. It provides an extra arch support and height without forcing you to do much in balancing. And IF wedges is a no-no too,do stop forcing yourself to wear them. Love your foots as they are much more important than any stiletto or platforms.

So, do you wear high heels in regular basis like I do? How many pairs do you own? Do you still remember the days when you started to try walking in high heels?  Tell me all about it by send me a comment below. Love to hear your side of story.


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