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My name is siti nurazwan, which is so unique that I hardly faced “invalid username” or “username taken” cases. An honours graduate of Engineering of Computer, IT & Electronics, where I currently working as back-end programmer in one of top banking solution company. MuslimMalaysian citizen, living in Kuala Lumpur where traffic jam are served almost five days a week – after office hour. Height of 5 feet 1 inch tall, fun pack sized and full of surprises.

And loves to take pictures as well!

The CT.NURAZWAN is my platform to write about lifestyle, travel, music, entertainment and my personal thought, experiences and real-life stories in hope to encourage and inspire readers to take action. Starting with clear mission in mind, hopefully the CT.NURAZWAN will become a space for those who are looking ideas on places to travel, or lifestyle hacks, or even a place for those who can relate to the stories that I wrote or published.

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