Arashi Treasure Haul at Jalan Jalan Japan

Jalan Jalan Japan or commonly known as JJJ, has getting public attention since they opened officially on November 18, 2016 at Skypark One City Mall, USJ. The crowd coming in and out, days after days, revel in #hargagiler merchandises in this phenomenal preloved store – straight from Japan.

Since the third day of the store’s opening, I have been coming in quite frequently. Not because of the apparel, shoes, toys, furniture, bags or utensils – though the prices for each items are ridiculously insane, starting from RM1 for variety of stuffs. But for one solid reason and that reason only – ARASHI!

ARASHI(嵐) is a Japan top idol group under the Johnny’s Entertainment talent agency that consists of five members; Ohno Satoshi, Sakurai Sho, Ninomiya Kazunari, Aiba Masaki and Matsumoto Jun. Arashi are the official ambassador of Japan Tourism Agency, appointed as navigator for “Japan Endless Discovery” campaign. They also are official ambassador for Japan Airline (JAL) and featured on JAL’s aeroplanes body. They are so popular, that they are everywhere in Japan.

Finding Arashi-related merchandise, or any other Japanese artist generally is quite hard. Unlike Korean artists, where you can find things like key chains, bags, or even music album at music store in shopping mall easily after K-wave boomed in Malaysia few years back. The only options left for us Arashi fans – directly courier from Japan. So, to find ARASHI related merchandise at JJJ is most welcome surprise and became the absolute reason for frequent visit.

To find ARASHI related items are totally treasure hunting-like experience. You need to search high and low for these hidden gems over thousands other items available in the stores. Be warn that some excavate may end up with disappointment as stock comes in at random. There are times where I came out “Arashi-less”, a total letdown, but still managed to snatch a set of kimono and others each time.

Here are my short video of my prized possession.

Therefore, I really excited for Jalan Jalan Japan second store opening at 1Shemelin, Cheras soon on Sept 30, 2017. I shall now have two favourite place to visit instead of one. Not just me, perhaps my fellow Arashian too.

JALAN JALAN JAPAN where everything #hargagiler

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