Auctions Won – Parcel From Chilindo

Amid all negative responses all over the CHILINDO shopping site, I was trying to prove its credibility. This is want I personally experience with CHILINDO auction shopping site.

As what have I previously mentioned on Chilindo shopping site entry, I won SEVEN merchandise and was set to deliver on August 10, 2017. Chilindo aims to deliver in three working days and they actually did! Yoorah!

I received the parcel on August 11, 2017 at noon from Ninja Van, logistic company.

In all seven items, ONE item was damaged after inspection – the black earphone. Whether to return or not, I am still undecided. Possibly I just forgo this this incident cause the price value I spend for it isn’t worth the case.


I think it is up to personal perspective. But to me, this auction shopping site gives the thrill on trying to win the items by outbid another users. Will I shop from this site again, YES! Maybe until I caught myself in unluckiest situation, which I hope not!

Do checkout the Chilindo auction shopping site. Proceed with your own risk.

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