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I will not put the readers’ information on spam lists or in any way selling your information to another company. I am however not responsible for the privacy practices of any advertisers I may have or blog commentators.

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I am not held responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors. I will only agree to post Sponsored posts if I feel like the post is fitting in the content of my blog and it would be interesting to my readers. In this case, I will mark *Sponsored Post or *Collaboration With at the end of the post.

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I do use affiliate linking to gain a small amount of commission when linking to products. However, this does not apply to every link I include in my posts. I am not held responsible for the actions of my advertisers or sponsors.

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I only accept PR samples that I believe are fitting in the rest of the content of my blog. Any payments and/or products received will in no way influence or compromise the editorial content of the site. All opinions expressed are the views of the editor or, where noted, those of guest authors featured on the site. Gifts also cannot be returned.

If you wanting to contact me for PR inquiries, please feel free to contact me on hi@ctnurazwan.com

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