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Located 1524m up in a hill between Kuala Kubu Bahru and Raub, Fraser Hill is named after a Scotsman, Louis James Fraser, who went missing in 1900s. A big search was conducted by Bishop Ferguson Davie of Singapore, but instead finding the missing person, he found perfect hill resort location.

In mission of going somewhere nice with affordable expenses for a brief escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur – without any planning/research or whatsoever, I took my underage little sister for a drive to Fraser Hill, Pahang.

We started our journey after short stop at Shell station and bought some buns and mineral waters for en route light breakfast. We relied solely on my car built-in GPS to navigate us there, which the route took around 2.5 hours from Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) through Kuala Kubu Bahru – E1, Route 55 and Route 56. enroute to fraser hill
En route to Fraser Hill, Pahang

Fact that we went there on Wednesday morning on 29th August 2016, there wasn’t much of a crowd. We were welcomed with nice cool breeze and mid morning sunlight. It was so peaceful that the roller-coaster and bumpy journey to the Fraser Hill was definitely worth it.

Parked at front of Puncak Inn, we walked around the square / centre.

Only a few building were opened at that time – souvenir shops, post office, information centre and the golf club.

First thing first, we went into the souvenir shop to purchase something as keepsake. For me, a fridge magnet souvenir is all I need. Personally, for a short unplanned gateway like this – purchasing souvenir upon arrival is the best course of action because we might either forget all about it later or the shop might close up early. Well, better safe than sorry.

Taking a picture at clock tower is a must To-Do here in Fraser Hill. So, done.

A picture taken at Fraser Hill Clock Tower

While enjoying the view and weather, we talked with a tourist lady that stayed there. She suggested some places she went previously there. Took her advice, we drove up to Allan’s Water – a mini water park attraction in Fraser Hill for recreation.

Unfortunately, things a bit slow down when we reached there as the park closed for lunch at 12.30 pm – 2 pm. Time was 12.20 pm, 10 minutes before closing. To ride in paddle boat wasn’t an option – thus, we walked along the footpath instead. allans water fraser hill
A picture taken at the entrance of Allan’s Water Fraser Hill

This park is located next to the Fraser Hill Garden Centre (Taman Flora Bukit Fraser) – which is free to enter. Luck isn’t side with us as the flowers and strawberries are out of season then. So, we left after looked around for a bit.

At 12.30pm, we stop by at Fraser Hill Food Garden, which basically a food court. Back to fact we travelled during normal weekday, only 3-4 stalls were opened. Took a seat in Restoran Puncak, we ate mixed rice with beef rib soup and drinks. The hot soup warms both me and my little sister up as we dressed in light.

A children playground is located within walking distance, next to the food garden. We took a seat there and again enjoying the cold breeze even though the time indicated a minute past one in the afternoon. We drove down the hills after refreshing ourselves.

Since The Paddock was closed for lunch, we had to cancel our plan for horseback ridding and archery and went straight down to KL instead. A huge white signage stood strong as we left the hill. Probably bidding us goodbye and to safe journey back.

This is a very best definition of brief gateway and a very gentle to wallet as well.
The expenses for this trip are as below :

Fuel: RM 20, Breakfast: RM5, Tounch N Go: RM 20, Souvenir: RM10, Lunch:  RM23
Total : RM 78

Regardless the duration stayed, it was a very relaxing there and best to visit during none peak season to avoid huge crowd. And remember to plan so you wont face disappointment if you wanted to try pick strawberry or flower viewing there.

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