Discover Malacca – View From The Sky Tower

The Shore Sky Tower is a new attraction in Malacca for those who are up to experience breathtaking Malacca view up to 50 km at every direction. The Shore Sky Tower is the tallest man-made building in Malacca that give you an opportunity to stand on transparent glass, 163 m above sea level !

“Just to travel is rather boring, but to travel with a purpose is educational and exciting – Sargent Shriver

 The Sky Tower is located at newly opened The Shore Shopping Gallery – which give you chances to shop or stop for meals while you are here.

How to reach here ? Well, you can navigate here using Waze or GPS applications.  (coordinate 2.2029289,102.2497777). A drive from Kuala Lumpur would take approximately 1.5 hours or around 30 minutes from Malacca city. If you are driving there, there are ample free parking located outside the building – hassle free! .


To reach the Sky Tower, you need to go to to Level 2 and search for The Shore Oceanarium Malacca that shall lead you to direct elevator to Level 41. This is the ONLY ACCESS to the Sky Tower – which usually guarded. Occasionally, the guard may waited for few minutes before going up, depending on the crowd.

As to September 2016, ticket is sold at RM 25, inclusive GST for ONE adult.


Well, you are now 163 m above sea level, 43 level up!
Enjoy yourself with amazing 360 degree panoramas view of Malacca city and beyond. There are several floor bolted telescope and information board that helps you to spot the city landmarks.  Aside that, challenge yourself to walk on transparent glasses platform and strike a pose to cutting edge camera to bring home printed photo souvenir of you and breathtaking view on see through platform at price of RM 45.

transparent platform the shore sky tower

So why not bring you, your friends or family along to The Shore Sky Tower and experience first hand on this unique, exhilarating and spectacular views of Malacca city and beyond. Take thousands picture and memories as you go and explore the tallest man-made structure in Malacca city. Remember to leave the acrophobia people home, okay.
Have you been there? Share your trip there by leaving your comments below. Love to hear from you!

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