Five Birthday Surprises You Must Try Atleast Once

Aside from customary birthday cake and presents, surprises is another highlight on his/her birthday date. Having a great surprise is considered as another way to celebrate one’s birthday – creating joy and memories along the way. Here are five birthday surprises that you can do to the birthday boy/girl.

Party In the Box Surprise
Number Shaped Envelope Surprise
Jigsaw Puzzle In Mail Surprise
Water Balloon Fight Surprise
Birthday Scavenger Hunt Surprise

Tell me what is your best birthday surprise you have ever had. It been a while for me cause I don’t celebrate my birthday much. But I do hope that if there is any surprises of me on upcoming Jan 16th , it will be among of above!! Hint. Hint.

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  1. Beautiful ideas! My birthday surprise by friend was potluck in uni! It was truly unforgettable and very much appreciated! Will try them out with my hubby soon! How did your birthday went btw? Happy blessed belated birthday too!

  2. Scavenger hunt is definitely the best idea! I’ll try it out next time!!! Sometimes I just do crazy things which I’m sure he’ll like!

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