How To Store Foods In Fridge Correctly And Fridge Rules

What inside your fridge, is a question that everyone could answer. But what goes where, that might be difficult one. Proper way to storing food in fridge helps in minimising food spoilage and reduce the risk of getting food-borne illness. You don’t want harmful bacteria to spread over your raw and ready-to-eat foods, would you?
Here are simple Fridge Rule you could refer.


TOP SHELF : Ready-to-eat food or leftover
MIDDLE SHELF : Dairy products and eggs. Store them away from the door.
LOWEST SHELF : Raw Food, defrost foods that are wrapped or kept in sealed container.
DRAWER : Fruits and vegetables
DOOR : Condiments, drinks and non-perishable foods

Make sure your fridge’s temperature is kept under 5 degree Celsius at all time.

Do not keep hot foods directly into the fridge. Let it cool at room temperature first before store it.
Best if you kept everything in airtight and leak-proof container.

If you want to keep a canned food in your fridge, remember to transfer its content into another container first.

TIPS: You could place an opened box of baking soda on shelf to keep fridge smelling fresh and eliminates bad odour.

So, there are general basic of Fridge Rules. I have changed mine, hope you do so too.

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  1. Useful tips. But sometimes we are too lazy to packed the food/ put the things organize.

  2. your post really really useful!!! I will share to my mum to let my house’s fridge become more space and save space!!

  3. Thanks for the tips as I think storing food correctly is important to prevent any spill off of liquid n smelly fridge. Maintain the hygiene is important

  4. That’s very useful advice of the seperation in the fridge. I also like to use Ziplock bag and Tupperware to separate the items.

  5. Thisbisbvery helpful tips for me, because I honestly no organization for my fridge. I just stuck them individually to clear plastic container especially the ready to eat foods, and chopped fruits.

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