What To Pack For An Overnight Trip Guidelines

rules to plan impromptu trip

Weekend coming fast and got overnight plan ahead? You don’t to be over pack when its only one night stay. You will survive the day as long as you packed the right essentials in small bag. So, what to bring, what is need and what is better off at your home? Here are some rules or of what to pack for an overnight trip!


Comfy pyjamas (PJs) to sleep is a must! But well, it also depend to where are you staying at too. If you are staying with your relative or slumber party with your friends, so you might opt to borrow an oversized shirt or sarong so you can pack even less. Win Win. But you think its not appropriate, then always remember to pack one that suitable with the environment you will be staying at.


Plan what to wear next day. That should include your undergarments and apparel. If you don’t have a heavy activities prior to your stay, you can consider to re-wear your pair of jeans or not. Remember to think ahead and pack less! Try not to bring any extra shoes if you could and less jewellery please.


Pack the basic toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, deodorant to keep you fresh all day and your skincare too. If you staying in hotel or resort that provide complimentary toiletries, you could skip to pack these. Do not forget a small mirror and hair brush too.

Ladies, if you think your time in the month is near, do pack some sanitary pads as precautions. To those whom in medical needs, bring your medicine too. You don’t want a trip to ER in the middle of night and screw up your plan.


Well, women and men have their own preference and may not okay for them to share. So, pack yours BUT don’t bring your whole beauty saloon for an overnight. Remember to keep it down.


Last, pack it all in your overnight bag. You do not need bag size more than 30L or luggage bag that big too. Something like school bag pack quite sufficient – depending how much you pack!

PACK, ZIP and OFF you go!

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  1. I always tend to over pack, so this would be a good guide. I always believe in carrying a larger bag, though, to have space for things that I will bring home. LOL

  2. I have a tendency to overpack…haha! But nowadays I have on overnight bag then a foldable duffle bag incase I want to buy anything 🙂

    1. Hi Adriana,

      When you travel with kids, “just-in-case” cloths do requires though.
      Cause you will always need to be prepare for unforeseen accidents.

        1. Telling you what my sister did whenever she packs for her son.
          She always packed a plain colours cloths that easy for her to mix and match her kid cloths whenever required.
          Like change only the dirty one instead the whole cloths. Kinda save her a lot space and less cloths to wash later. =)

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