Received Awaited Parcel From Taobao Shopping Site

buy from taobao

Have you shopped at any oversea online shopping site before ? TAOBAO is a China online shopping site that provide shipping to Malaysia through authorised courier. But, when you are buying things thousand miles away, you definitely curious, anxious but excited all in same time.

So far, I never had any incident like lost parcel, item not shipped or any bad thing that would give me second thought in buying online at Taobao site anymore. I’m able to avoid a lot shady seller by implementing my secret of buying things at Taobao when I sincerely cant read Chinese at all!

Thus, I glad to announce I have received my 30 pieces of cat’s collar for my whole pet army safely!

cat collar taobao

I have choose ABX Express to courier my parcel. And they are good – took around 14 days from day I placed my order. Then, I just found out that LAZADA Express newly joined as another courier option to Malaysia. Will be try that one soon!


So, it is okay to shop at Taobao even when you can’t read their language. As long as you do the best to avoid any bad experiences, you can enjoy shopping at Taobao effortlessly – like I do.


So, what online shopping site should I experience and share next? Any recommendation? 
Feedback me your suggestion cause I want to know where you shop online too!

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  1. Wait how many cats do you have? Can I come over and play with them? XD

    Just kidding, they look so adorable. I used taobao before and was satisfied as well 🙂

    1. Hi Pooja,

      The items there are really cheap to compare here due to exchange currency.
      If you have the chance to shop, do so and share your experience okay.

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