Beauty Review | Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

I’m a lipstick enthusiast – unquestionably matte lipsticks team and liquid-based lover. Go matte!
My choice of lipsticks are usually affordable, colour swatches and of course matte! And I found this new baby to play with – Liquid Matte Lipstick by Huda Beauty.

Background check on Huda Beauty – founded by the gorgeous, renowned beauty influencer Huda Kattan. Passionate for beauty flew her from finance to study at world class makeup school with Joe Blasco. Read all about her here.

One thing I makes me love them immediately? Their colours super duper complement to dark skin shades. It may do wonders to fair skin too but since mine was darker side of shade – so, yea. I love it!

When I first bought these, I don’t know anything about this product. Like none. Seriously. Just that the packaging is so captivating that I bought six. SIX! I blamed the dark arts magic of beauty product then. And once I tried the products, I’m glad I did though.

Six of them – Icon – a classy peachy pink, Material Girl – a fierce plum, Famous – an effortlessly chic burgundy, Trendsetter – a stylish brown nude, Medusa – a dusty mauve and my favourite, Gossip Girl – the everyday cute pink

I do actually think these are a really good product yet thinner than I anticipated. Fond with the pigmentation, apply evenly that I personally really like and kinda not that long-lasting. This might be no-no to others but me personally, these lipsticks are easy to remove when I’m prepping myself for prayer.

BUT! I’m a bit disappointed when it is not smudge-proof.

But then again, they are THE most comfortable liquid lipsticks I have ever tried.
So there is the question.

Will you go for Huda Beauty Liquid Matte – that is so comfortable, easy to remove and light over not being smudge-proof lipstick?
Try it first before make your judgement and tell me all about it okay!

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