Shinobi no Kuni – Ninja Invades GSC Cinema Malaysia

The news are out! The Iga ninjas are finally making they moves to conquer Malaysia cinemas as Shinobi no Kuni or Mumon – The Land of Stealth is makang its Malaysia premier screening!

In conjunction with Anime Film Festival Malaysia 2017 organised by GSC Movies and Odex Private Limited, Shinobi no Kuni or Mumon – The Land of Stealth will be have its Malaysia premier screening along with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure – The Diamond is Unbreakable and SIX other anime movies. Shinobi no Kuni and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure are two live action movie adaption of manga series of the same name respectively.

Currently, the date and time of the screening are set on August 26, 2017 for Shinobi no Kuni. However, the tickets for the movies screening for any movies in Anime Film Festival  Malaysia 2017 are yet to be purchased.

The GSC Cinemas are yet to provide any details if this movie will have its theatrical screening afterwards or not. However for now, lets scream and shout for the most awaited movies that is finally here in Malaysia!

Be prepared! Ninjas are invading Malaysia cinemas!

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