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purchase your own box of joy

Receiving a gift unexpectedly is truly a surprise and bring smile and joy to oneself like how I received unexpected gift from LAZADA. As good it feels to receive it, better it is to send one. So, why not shop your own box of joy with LAZADA and give it to your love one? Your own BOX OF JOY!

“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. ” -Pierre Corneille

So why not send some great quality food products like Nestle that dates back more than 90 years. A trusted brand that every household agree! Well hey, no one would say no to a good food that shall leads to good life!

Or you could sent your geeky love one some tech products that definitely his or her would agree on to. You could choose from on-the-go product that simplify everyday live to virtual reality item that just blow your mind.

Or perhaps to your toddlers, send them the perfect baby and toddlers products that are from trusted brands for them to consume. They do deserves the very best product you are able to provide.

If you in doubts what to shop for your own box of joy, fret not! There are product lists of my box of joy that could give you some ideas; Nestle White Coffee Pandan, Nestle Full Cream Milk, MamyPoko Exra Dry Diaper, Milo Ola Bola Bag, Maggi Oat Mi Goreng Curry, Maggi Royale White Tom Yam, Drypers Touch, Sandisk USB 3.0 Ultra Dual USB Drive 16 GB and VR Box 3D Virtual Reality Glasses.

You could always head over to LAZADA and purchase there as LAZADA is in nearly end hype for 2016 LAZADA Online Revolution!

lazada 11.11 to 12.12

So, stop whatever you do now and go to LAZADA and shop your own BOX OF JOY for your loves one or perhaps for yourself too!

And don’t forget to use this voucher code to save more! 20LAPOR25

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