How To Save More When Shopping At Taobao

Taobao as everyone know, is a China online shopping site. China generally is a mass producer country that manufacture replicate product cheap and questionable quality. Hack, everything are mostly manufacture there – ” Made in China”.

But even saying so, you can still save your money when you go shopping at Taobao site. This is my secret how I able to save more money when I already purchased items straight from China!
This entry is a conclusion to my own self-experience on shopping online with Taobao. Find out what my ‘Secrets Shopping with Taobao‘ and ‘Unboxing Parcel From China‘, that I had been through when I purchased a bulk of cat’s collar for my pet army at home.

So, how to save even more when you are already buy something cheap?!

SHOPBACK.MYregister with shopback

Register a free account, you can get so many vouchers, discounts and cashbacks at so many online shopping site like Taobao, Zalora, Groupon and a whole 300+ stores more!

If you a avid online shopper, use SHOPBACK to cashback your spending!

Let say you an avid buyer of a brand in TAOBAO with 10% cashback.


1st order purchase total spend = RM 60
Cashback amount for first order = RM 6

It might seems small amount at first.

But how about when you spend on your 10th order purchase?

10th order purchase total spend = RM 60
Cashback amount for tenth order = RM 6
Total Cashback Amount = RM 60

You just save enough money for your next purchase!

save more with shopback I received 10% cashback of total spend. It isn’t much but I able to save more!

And if you do shopping online, instead lost 100% your money in item you want, spend less and save more with Shopback and register yourself an account to start today!

So, have you join one? Tell me about it! Leave me a hello.

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  1. Didn’t realise that ShopBack also supports Taobao. Thanks for pointing it out to me. BTW, I never actually shopped at Taobao directly yet. Hope to get something soon but the Chinese is driving me nuts.

    1. Hi Emily,

      You could refer my previous post on Shopping with taobao without knowing the Chinese.
      Hopefully i helps you to purchase things directly there.

  2. I didn’t know you can use ShopBack with Taobao! I always forgot to use shopback when shopping lol

  3. wow this is awesome! I really really want to shop at Taobao. Do they also ship to the Philippines? And do they have English website?

    1. Hi Blair,

      I’m not sure if Taobao do ship to Philippines or not.
      Unfortunately they don’t come with any english website, but you could use Google translator plugin instead.

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