What Every Solo Female Traveller Should Know About Keeping Safe

safety tips for female solo traveler

Travelling solo is all about freedom, self-exploration and empowerment. Regardless travelling aboard or local, keeping oneself out of afternoon-drama and stay safe is absolutely possible if you follow these top five safety tips:

Planning and researching are half the fun when going travelling. You will be scouting for the best beach to go, places to visit, expected weathers and foods to indulge, right? So, take same amount of time to research about safety there as well. How to travel around there? Is there area in red health alert? What happened at night there? Ask yourself these few questions and research about it. Prepare yourself in advance.

Have a regular check-in time scheduled with someone back home – your family, your love one, best friend. Someone that keep track where you are. Best if they have your itinerary in advance, flight numbers, travelling dates and accommodations as well. Well, staying in touch is a way to assuage fears of your loved one and in case of emergency, they would able to locate you with ease.

Invest financially for your own safety. For example, take a taxi to guest house at night when you don’t feel comfortable to walk through unfamiliar neighbourhood on your own. Or paying extra to establish diving centre instead of rough-sketchy one that doing it for cheaper price. Value your safety first.

Things can hit you bad when you go travel – worst when you are going solo. It is a good idea to have a backup plan, prepare for the worst. Keep front-and-back copies of your credit cards, passport and IDs to cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive. Make some photocopies too. Don’t forget your emergency cash stash in a sock, or secret compartment in your luggage or lingerie. At worst luck, this helps you for a temporary financial cushion.

Be conscious of your surroundings. NEVER advertise that you are travelling alone. NEVER. Don’t trust people too quickly, be on the side of caution. If you just getting to know someone, do not trust him or her with your valuables, afraid they might take off with your belongings. Making new friends is good, but take things slowly. When they have earn your trust, that’s when you may depend to them.

Well, this list are far from complete, and plenty more out there. However, these are most essential safety tips will provide to you a basic foundation for travelling solo safely.

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