Three Golden Rules Planning Impromptu Trip

rules to plan impromptu trip

Vacation is a perfect remedy to relinquish stress after hard day work. Even though planning does take some time and effort, but its worth it. But what happens if you have unexpected time-off? Well, if you plan to stay home and plays Bruno Mars ” The Lazy Song” song on repeat, that is awesome too though. 

“Plans are useless, but planning is essential” – Dwight D Eisenhower

But if you want to go out and explore the unknown, going for impromptu gateway – here are THREE GOLDEN RULES when planning for you impromptu gateway!


First thing on the list – budget. You may travelling in the middle of the month where payday seems so far. Or you may in well-finance condition where you can spend like a boss. Either your budget is high or low, decide your spending cap. Bring some emergency flush with you, but try to travel within your limit.


Be flexible in choosing your destination – keep an open mind. You have already determine your expenses range, so find somewhere within it. Keyword : research. Go browse online for last-minute deals that suit your budget. Visiting the next town may not all bling, but they must have something worth checking out. Remember, be flexible.


Going impromptu trip is all about the spur of the moment. Don’t tie yourself up to those ridiculous price comparison, massive luggage and to-the-dot itineraries. Keep it easy, simple and just enjoy the moments. Don’t cage yourself up. Planning is must but over-plan is useless.


For you who been reading this, an extra tip for you. Travel impromptu like this, best when you have someone to share it with. It may be your best friend, your siblings or the one you love or care. Hack, it can be your neighbour as well. Travel with companion make things more merrier and exciting. Give them a call, and who knows – they might just accompanied you and take the world together.

So, there you have it – three rule when planning impromptu gateway. You can go wherever and whenever you like as long you follow three rules above. Go around, discover what the unknown store for you.
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