What Women Say And Meant

We women talks in different language, an unique one. We speaks using normal words but in totally different context overall. So, learn our language or get prepare for war.

Fine: word use to end and win the argument

Crossed upon a women saying this and all of sudden starting a silent treatment? You definitely just step on a landmine, boy. First lesson, we use this word when we wanted to show that we are right and you just need to listen. Don’t argue. Don’t question. Just listen. Or, prepare for battle.

Five Minute: word use to suggest it might take awhile

When you ask how long more, this is what usually you heard. Well, even though it may Woto its literal meaning but occasionally, please prepare to wait even longer. This response indirectly request you ‘to have patience and wait because I am getting ready to impress you’, and do comment how she looks afterwards. In some rare cases, if you don’t comment how nice/cute/lovely she is, she will be sulking the whole day.

Nothing: word use to indicate a storm is coming

This frequently come in pair with “fine” word. This suggests that you did/didn’t do something that she is so upset about. It could be that you forget to complement her or who is the new girl you been talking too, or why are you even smiling to that lady by the corner? Basically, you did something wrong in her eyes. So, think what you think you did wrong because if you do ask her what’s wrong – prepare for battle, boy.

Whatever: word use to admit wrong but refuse to concede 

Congratulations, you have won the battle! Though she still ain’t going to surrender, she might act cold and perhaps giving you a bit of silence. Enjoy the winning cause it hardly come but do not mention this issue ever again. EVER.

We need to talk:  phase use to suggest one sided conversation

Okay, listen. She will talks and talks. So, open your ears and listen with some nodding in between. The whole conversion will only be on her side of the story with you only listening. Beware, do not let her catch you not listening, because she might get angry and ended up to “whatever” or “fine” scenario.

So, what are you waiting for. Share these to your “guy” friend so they wont make that super silly stupid thing again because they might don’t understand how women talks.  

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