Who Is Aiba Masaki

If you a fan of Japan’s entertainment industry, you may have heard him sing or saw him act. If you been to Japan, you may have saw him in advertisement billboards or television commercials – or featured on JAL’s aeroplanes body. So, Who is AIBA MASAKI and why is it important to know about him?  Well,these are brief details about him you should know about a Japanese entertainer named AIBA MASAKI.


Aiba Masaki (相葉 雅紀) born on December 24, 1982 in Hanamigawa,Chiba, Japan. Oldest in sibling of two, with one younger by 4 years brother. Blood type ‘AB’ and born under Capricorn star sign. Working under Johnny’s Entertainment talent agency as an idol, singer, actor, artist and also television show and radio host.
However, Aiba Masaki is even well-known as MIRACLE BOY of Japanese top boy-band, ARASHI.

Does it ring a bell?

arashi power of paradise

Well, ARASHI is a Japanese boy-band debuted on September 15, 1999 at Honolulu, Hawaii. Aside Aiba Masaki, the members consist of Ohno Satoshi, Ninomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun. They are official ambassador of Japan Tourism and Japan Airline (JAL), along with few other products like Hitachi, Kirin and others for their individual entitlement. And Arashi was enlisted as FIRST in WORLDWIDE BEST-SELLING ALBUMS by Global Album Chart back in November 15, 2106 for their first week ‘Are You Happy?’ album released.


Aiba Masaki was diagnosed with pneumothorax, the collapse of one of his lung, in 2002 that required Aiba Masaki to forgo his intention to play saxophone for All for Nothing Concert. He was later hospitalised on March 25, 2002 for 5 days and operated.

In June 28, 2011 Aiba Masaki was urgently hospitalised due to spontaneous pneumothorax attack in the middle of the night. Official release statement by Johnny’s Entertainment, Aiba Masaki felt sharp chest pains during “Arashi ni Shiyahare” filming, went to hospital for examination immediately afterwards and was hospitalised for a week.


Now we come to fun part, details pertaining Aiba Masaki.

  • The first member of ARASHI to participate regularly in variety show not hosted by ARASHI, ‘Tensai Shimura Dobutsuen’ (天才!志村どうぶつ園)
  • Raised by his grandparents until age of 4 because his parents are busy with their newly opened Chinese restaraunt, ‘Chinahouse Keikarou’
  • Has his own segment on thier regular variety show, ‘G no Arashi’ called “A no Arashi’ where he carried out many unthinkable, bizarre yet fun experiments with other members
  • Played hermonica in his solo song ‘Hello Goodbye’ in Arashi concert back in 2008
  • Sent his application to join Johnny’s Entertainment because wanted to play basketball with SMAP, after watching ‘Love Love SMAP’ (愛ラブSMAP) program without knowing the talent agency background.
  • Loves animal but had once been attacked by a kangaroo, punched by a giraffe and bite by a lion
  • Left with a scar in his chest after his pneumothorax operation in 2002
  • Has a birthmark on his left shoulder

These are a few facts gathered from talk shows and magazines interviews throughout the internet.
The list might not complete, but at least it provide a baseline picture to who Aiba Masaki is.


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