Who Is Sakurai Sho

If you a fan of Japan’s entertainment industry, you may have heard him sing or saw him act. If you been to Japan, you may have saw him in advertisement billboards or television commercials – or featured on JAL’s aeroplanes body. So, Who is SAKURAI SHO and why is it important to know about him?  Well,these are brief details about him you should know about a Japanese entertainer named SAKURAI SHO.


Sakurai Sho (櫻井 翔) born on January 25, 1982 in Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Oldest in sibling of three, younger sister by 5 years and younger 13 years apart brother. Blood type ‘A’ and born under Aquarius star sign. Working under Johnny’s Entertainment talent agency as an idol, singer, actor, artist and also television and radio show and newscaster.
However, Sakurai Sho is even well-known as RAPPER of Japanese top boy-band, ARASHI.

Does it ring a bell?

arashi power of paradise

Well, ARASHI is a Japanese boy-band debuted on September 15, 1999 at Honolulu, Hawaii. Aside Sakurai Sho, the members consist of Ohno Satoshi, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari and Matsumoto Jun. They are official ambassador of Japan Tourism and Japan Airline (JAL), along with few other products like Hitachi, Kirin and others for their individual entitlement. Arashi was enlisted as FIRST in WORLDWIDE BEST-SELLING ALBUMS by Global Album Chart back in November 15, 2106 for their first week ‘Are You Happy?’ album released.


Aside their achievement in best selling albums and singles almost every release, Sakurai Sho marked his own record as the first member to hold solo concert back in 2006 – “The Show”. He is the only degree holder member, graduated from Keio University with Bachelor of Economics degree. Sakurai Sho became newscaster for NTV in 2006, which later became the first pop idol to host a program that focusing on Japan House of Councillors election, ‘Zero x Election 2007’ (Zero×選挙2007).


Now we come to fun part, details pertaining Sakurai Sho.

  • Unable to do back flip that are required by all Johnny’s member.
  • Have a pierced on his belly button.
  • After Sakurai Sho’s brother, Shu, watched ‘Kisarazu Cat‘s Eye’, he called him by character name, ‘Bambi.
  • Accidentally fractured his thumb and grazed his knee during concert rehearsal in 2008.
  • Mentioned once that Sakurai Sho become ‘super monterous’ when angry
  • Been punished once by getting banned from playing any games in their variety show, VS ARASHI, for a month due to bad performance.
  • Does most rapping part in ARASHI songs and personally write the lyrics
  • Thought of leaving Johnny’s Entertainment agency, but withdrawn his intention after knowing his debut was set to motion due to curiosity.
  • Initial for man in his family are all ‘S.S’

These are a few facts gathered from talk shows and magazines interviews throughout the internet.
The list might not complete, but at least it provide a baseline picture to who Sakurai Sho is.


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  1. Well profiled leading to a warm birthday wish. I guess now its time for me to read more about him. I guess he’ll be my first Japanesse star to know more about.

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